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Elemental Heroes

Multi-platform MMO RPG Game in the fantasy style!


✪ Classical combat’s system like in the Heroes III
✪ Turn-based combats with real players
✪ Card’s system of an army
✪ Free PvP combats

funny-Icon_512newThe plot of the game is very simple – the developers suggest the player help the main character to plant and gather carrots for his big and very hungry family.
To complete the level one should go through all the tiles twice for a certain period of time. First time – to plant carrots, second time – to gather them.


✪ Nice looking game of 35 levels with rising challenge.
✪ 26 easy to use upgrades and special abilities.
✪ Easy yet highly dynamic gameplay.
✪ Lots of juicy effects.
✪ InApps with packs of carrots.
✪ Sweet unlockable bonus mini games for even more fun.

Funny Bunny Adventures  Funny Bunny Adventures

Jed-Go-Icon_512Protect artificial brains from swarms of angry zombies with different weapons, abilities and even with your pet dragon’s flame breathe!
Ten minutes is enough to catch your attention once and for all.


✪ Dynamical gameplay
✪ Thrilling comics-like plot
✪ 4 scenarious, 48 levels
✪ Various types of weapons: standart, epic and even mystical!
✪ 18 types of different weapon upgrades and abilities
✪ Constantly updated scenarious and weapons

Джед-Го Неприкасаемый Джед-Го Неприкасаемый Джед-Го Неприкасаемый

Great game for social networks in detective genre.
Try to find out what has really happened.


✪ Amazing hidden object gameplay
✪ Interrogation of suspects
✪ Evidence management
✪ Interesting mini-games
✪ Moving between locations
✪ A wide variety of interactions with friends
✪ Achievements and rankings
✪ Daily bonuses
✪ Gifts

Хроники Вуду  Хроники Вуду