JED-GO Untouchable

After the alien invasion the whole population of a small town turned into evil zombies. Their hordes are spreading all over looking for fresh brains. Nothing can stop them.

But there is one man a hero who can fight them. An extremely tough and brutal guy named JED-GO Untouchable, who is not afraid of using the most devastating weapon to beat the undead.

Protect artificial brains from swarms of angry zombies with different weapons, abilities and even with your pet dragon’s flame breathe!

Ten minutes is enough to catch your attention once and for all.


✪ Dynamical gameplay
✪ Thrilling comics-like plot
✪ 4 scenarious, 48 levels
✪ Various types of weapons: standart, epic and even mystical!
✪ 18 types of different weapon upgrades and abilities
✪ Constantly updated scenarious and weapons

Free Windows 8 PC version
Free Windows 8 Phone version
Free Android (Google Play) version
Premium iOS version
Premium Blackberry version

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